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He did so by fabricating a story about Emily s father having given a large amount of money to the town. Years later, when the younger generation of politicians began attempting to get Emily to pay her taxes, she refused, telling them to see Colonel.

Plot Summary William Faulkners short story A Rose for Emily is set in the antebellum South, as the entire population of the city of Jefferson attends. Emily Griersons funeral. Emily, the last member of the aristocratic Grierson family, led an isolated life. The people of.

After he died, Emily refused to acknowledge his death for three days, preventing the townspeople from removing the body from the house. Section three goes further back in time. Shortly after the death of her father, Emily began courting a Northern day laborer named Homer.

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People assumed that the she and Homer were married. Homer then left town, and the townspeople assumed he was waiting for the cousins to leave. Once the cousins departed, Homer returned. However, after being admitted to Emily s house late one night, he was never.

His works deal primarily with the cultural shifts that occurred in the post-Civil War South. A. Rose For Emily is one of many of Faulkners works, such as. Sartoris, to be set in fictional Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi. A Rose For Emily uses a non-chronological structure.

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The story then shifts into the past and tells the story of. Emily s life. Section one reveals that. Emily was raised by a controlling father who drove away all of her suitors, believing that none of them were good enough for his daughter. After.

Section four continues the story of Emily s courtship with Homer. As the courtship went on, the townsfolk decided to take action to prevent it, believing it to be improper. They petitioned the Baptist Minister to go talk to Emily. When that failed, the Ministers.

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