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She becomes aroused under Darcie's skilled hands, moaning softly and arching into the touches. Once she's on her back and is face-to-face with Darcie, she's even more anwhile, Darcie is confident and on a mission as she thoroughly massages Gianna's front, even her breasts, which.

Massage By Proxy Gianna Dior leads her best friend, Darcie Dolce, to her bedroom and they both sit down on her bed. Gianna thanks her for coming over and hanging out. She's having a bad day and just needs her best friend. Darcie gives her.

Gianna lets out a breath of relief and admits that she's glad to hear he's not just being a butthead to her. She then mentions that he gave her a cheesy free massage voucher for her last birthday that still hasn't been redeemed yet. She.

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Darcie playfully echoes from earlier that she's his sister, so that's close enough, right? Besides, Gianna said herself that the voucher naturally includes sex, too, so Darcie wants to ensure that Gianna gets the entire intended package - starting with a kiss! When their lips.

Darcie starts massaging Gianna's shoulders, both clothed and sitting up, commenting on how tense she is. Gianna says that she hasn't been touched in awhile, so that's to be expected. Darcie admits that this is why she's started dating girls lately. Guys just aren't that.

Gianna hesitates a moment, flustered because of the physical touch, but shakes herself out of it by agreeing and trying to play it cool. She removes her shirt and pants while Darcie does the same. Gianna lays down on her front across the bed while.

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What does it feel like being with girls? Darcie says it's better being with girls because they know how to please other women better than guys do. Even as Darcie says this, she starts to playfully tug at Gianna's clothes. Darcie tells her that she.

She complains that one would think he'd be over her house in a heartbeat since the voucher naturally includes sex with the massage, too! Darcie plucks the voucher from her hands and smiles. She says that Gianna can redeem the voucher with HER. Since she's.

Gianna laughs shortly, insisting that what's on her mind isn't THAT serious. She feels a little bad complaining since it involves her boyfriend, who is Darcie's twin. Darcie dramatically throws her hands up in the air and asks what he's done THIS time, causing them.


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