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Globe Trekker takes to on journeys to countries from every continent around the globe. Each unforgettable destination is hosted by one of the Globe Trekker team members, who dare to try or eat.

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Justine Shapiro was born in South Africa and grew up in Berkeley, California, where she lives today with her young e attended Tufts University in Boston where she studied History and Theatre.

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Justine is number two at Private. A psychologist by trade, she uses her smarts, training, and determination to solve cases. Formerly, Justine and Jack dated seriously.

Promises is a 2001 documentary film that examines the IsraeliPalestinian conflict from the perspectives of seven children living in the Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Israeli neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

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Jesse M. Shapiro George S. and Nancy B. Parker Professor of Economics tel: Curriculum Vitae.

Archaeology is human history written through objects.-Noel Broadbent, Archaeologist. Archaeology is the study of human history interpreted through finds of material culture (artifacts structures).


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