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6. A game guide from Japan says that before the game was called The House of the Dead, it was supposed to be a paranormal ghost game of some sort and Sophie a villain. Is this true? In the initial game design document, the games.

11. Whatever happened to the other characters from The House of the Dead series who only had appearances in few games, like Gary Stewart, Harry, Amy, Kate, Daniel, Lisa and Thomas Rogan? Will we ever see them again? If we ever created a new game.

He was in both The House of the Dead 3 and 4. If we ever develop a sequel, the story would be based around this character. And there you have it folks. Special Thanks to Kellie Parker, who worked very dillgently to get in contact.

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I think we were able to express the fear of being chased and facing unpredictable attacks. 9. After 16 years of the first games release, many fans have been wondering this what does AMS stand for? The development team asked me this, too. I told.

The world is designed to be realistic, so the player thinks that the events in the game could happen. 5. Ive heard that you dont like to call your creatures zombies. Why is that? The creatures in the games are copied and created. We wanted.

Ive heard G told Issac Washington not to use the Z word. I was wondering if you were involved with that line? I was not part of creation of the game, but I gave some advice about the story, and shared some rules of the.

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10. G seems to appear in more House of the Dead games than any other character within the series. What purpose does he serve in the story, and what does his name stand for? He appears in many of the games, but his frequent appearances.

Here is our interview with the director of The House of the Dead series, Takashi Oda. Thank you fans for submitting your questions to the man that brought this series to life. 1. Its an honor to speak with the man who directs one of.

There was an idea to make Sophie a boss in the sequel, but that plot was deleted early in the planning phase. 7. Did Sophie survive during the 1998 Curien Mansion case, and is she the mother of Lisa Rogan? Sophie did survive, and she.

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